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·       CR-39 is the finest, optical quality plastic available for making lenses. 

·       Impact and scratch resistant.

·       Single gradient (darker top gradually fades to lighter bottom) and double gradient (darker top and bottom gradually fades to lighter middle)         available in exclusive fashion colours.

 ·       98% glare reduction enhances visual acuity and promotes eye health.

 ·       Available in 6 and 8 base curves.


Metal Frames

·       Metal frames are made with different materials with the most popular being Monel, titanium and beryllium. Monel is a mixture of different             metals and is used most often in eyeglass frames. They are resistant to corrosion, but not completely.

·       Titanium is a lightweight metal making the actual eyeglass frames fairly light and flexible as well. Eyeglasses produced with titanium frames        are available in many different colours. Titanium is also hypoallergenic so anybody can wear them without experiencing any problems.

·       Beryllium is less expensive than titanium and is also a lightweight metal that is also flexible. This material makes it very easy for your optician       to adjust the glasses when needed.


Acetate Frames

·       Cellulose acetate is the world’s finest plastic.

·       Block Production: innovative process whereby low-density lasers cut large, into perfect sheets. The resulting sheets are then used to create       luxurious frames

·       Just like with metal frames, plastic frames are also made using different materials. The most common plastics that are used include                   cellulose acetate propionate and nylon.

·       Plastic frames are also available in just about any colours you can think of.